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Lemon Peel Granules

Silver Cloud sells only the finest quality lemon peel from California. We offer our peel as either pieces - chopped into 1/4 inch segments or as smaller granules.

Lemon peel is a versatile ingredient for cooking and baking. It can be added to any dish, such as fish, poultry and lamb to impart the flavor and appearance of lemon. A jar of lemon peel granules is especially nice to have in your pantry when you run out of fresh fruit or do not have time to zest a lemon. Lemon peel can also be used to impart a subtle lemon flavor to beer and wine.

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730-284Lemon Peel Granules - 2.50 oz. jar$4.51
730-771Lemon Peel Granules - 8.50 oz. jar$9.43
730-1960Lemon Peel Granules - 1.00 lb. pouch$9.63
730-772Lemon Peel Granules - 12.00 oz. pouch$14.83
730-1961Lemon Peel Granules - 2.50 lb. pouch$23.03
730-1962Lemon Peel Granules - 5.00 lb. pouch$43.55
730-1963Lemon Peel Granules - 10.00 lb. pouch$81.38
730-1964Lemon Peel Granules - 25.00 lb. pouch$180.14
Overall Product Rating: Not Yet Rated

Lime Peel Granules

Our Lime Peel Granules are a versatile ingredient for cooking and baking. Lime peel granules can be added to fish, poultry and beef to impart the flavor of lime. A jar of lime peel granules is especially nice to have in your pantry when you run out of fresh limes or do not have time to zest one. Lime peel can also be used to impart a subtle lime flavor to beer and wine. ... View Full Description

700-779Lime Peel Granules - 2.00 oz. jar$5.89
700-781Lime Peel Granules - 10.00 oz. pouch$13.08
700-780Lime Peel Granules - 6.50 oz. jar$13.33
700-782Lime Peel Granules - 22.50 oz. pouch$23.95
700-1969Lime Peel Granules - 2.50 lb. pouch$45.74
700-1970Lime Peel Granules - 5.00 lb. pouch$87.98
700-1971Lime Peel Granules - 10.00 lb. pouch$165.92
700-1972Lime Peel Granules - 25.00 lb. pouch$382.50
Overall Product Rating: Not Yet Rated


Silver Cloud Estates

Vanilla beans, vanilla extract, natural flavors, TTB flavors, imitation extracts, essential oils, bakery emulsions, propylene glycol free flavors, vanillin, ethyl vanillin, menthol and chili peppers for baking, beverages (including beer, wine & spirits) and ice cream – Silver Cloud Estates.


We are offering very attractive pricing on Gourmet, Grade A and Grade B Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans. The Grade A beans are representative of some of the very best beans grown in Madagascar in the last few years. Plump, moist and full of caviar. The less expensive, but still great quality Grade B beans are ideal for customers looking for beans to make vanilla extract or to use in the manufacture of beer, wine and spirits. We should have vanilla beans from Mexico, Papua New Guinea and Uganda soon. If you are a vanilla connoisseur you will want to visit our site often.

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