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Premium Vanilla Beans

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Kosher – Product is kosher certified by Earth Kosher.

Premium Vanilla Beans

Silver Cloud offers the finest quality gourmet vanilla beans at wholesale prices. Our beans can be purchased in glass tubes, 8 ounce or 17 ounce vacuum sealed pouches. Since we grow all the vanilla beans we sell, our prices are usually much lower than other companies. We are so confident you will love the quality of our beans, we offer a money back guarantee. If your not completely satisfied, you can return the beans for a full refund.

One important measure of vanilla bean quality is the length of the bean. Because of the estates' ideal growing conditions, our beans are 7 - 10 inches long. Silver Cloud's Vanilla Beans are also very high in vanillin, typically much higher than the best beans from Madagascar, Papua New Guinea or Tahiti. Vanillin, which is naturally occuring in the beans, gives vanilla much of its flavor. We believe, due to their length and high vanillin content, our estate grown beans are superior to the best premium or super long beans sold by any company.

Note: Our beans are sold by weight, depending on the size of the beans, the number in a pouch will vary.

002-33 Vanilla Beans (glass tube)$9.00
002-68 ozs. Vanilla Beans (approx. 40 beans)$39.50
002-716 ozs. Vanilla Beans (approx. 80 beans) $75.00
Information for E-Cigarette and Non Food & Drink Buyers.
Overall Product Rating: 5 out of 5
Great Recipes


Vodka, Homemade Vanilla Flavored

Steve Rowlands



Submerge vanilla beans in vodka and store in a cool, dark place for several weeks, shaking occasionally.


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Silver Cloud’s Premium Vanilla Beans  

All the vanilla beans sold by Silver Cloud Estates are grown exclusively on the estates in the beautiful Nilgiri, or Blue Mountains of Southern India.  Since we grow our vanilla beans we have tremendous control over the quality of the beans and other vanilla products we sell.  It enables us to guarantee that the products are natural and produced in an eco-friendly manner.  No child labor is ever used to plant, grow, pollinate, harvest or process any of our products.
In the last five years, Silver Cloud Estates has become one of the largest growers of vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) in the world. The estate's elevation, rich soil and climate offer the ideal growing conditions for this tropical orchid and the plants have thrived. Today, over 100,000 plants are intercropped with tea, coffee, black pepper, cardamom and other spices.

The vanilla beans grown on the estate are high in natural vanillin; typically much higher than the beans grown in Madagascar, Papua New Guinea or Tahiti.  Vanillin, gives vanilla much (but not all) of its characterizing flavor and aroma. All the beans we sell are "premium" or "prime quality". Only the very finest beans, which are long,  have no visible defects,  are mahogany in color and an oily appearance, are graded as “premium” or ”prime quality".

We invite you to try Silver Cloud's Premium Vanilla Beans, Pure Vanilla Extracts, Vanilla Bean Paste and Vanilla Sugar. We believe if you do you will recognize them as among the finest vanilla products produced anywhere in the world.

Storing Your Vanilla Beans

Stored properly, your vanilla beans from Silver Cloud should remain fresh and pliable for a year or more. After removing the beans from the vacuum sealed pack store them in an airtight container. The temperature should be relatively constant. Never refrigerate or freeze your beans, they will dry out and may develop mold. Open the container every few weeks and enjoy the aroma. This will let the air circulate a bit, which helps prolong the shelf life.Over time your beans might develop an edible crystal frost. This is natural vanillin,which gives vanilla its characteristic flavor.

Whole Vanilla Beans

Silver Cloud offers the finest cured Vanilla Beans, which can be purchased in glass tubes containing three beans or 8 ounce and 17 ounce vacuum sealed pouches.  There are approximately 40 beans in an 8 ounce pouch.  Since our beans are sold by weight, depending on the size of the beans, the number in a pouch will vary.

For Whole Vanilla Beans Click Here


This month we have added Cantaloupe, Natural Flavor Blend, Maple Bacon, Natural Flavor Blend, Imitation Sweet Potato Pie Extract, Imitation Vanilla Cream Cookie Filling Extract and Imitation Vanilla Custard Extract. All of these extracts and flavors can be used for baking, beverages (including beer, wine and spirits) and ice cream. Coming Soon - Macadamia Nut, Raisin, Strawberry-Kiwi, Marshmallow, Red Bull, Acai and Prickly Pear flavors. We wish all of our friends and customers a happy and prosperous 2014.

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